Are you listening?

"I think we need to go grocery shopping." "Did you do your homework?" "What time is the appointment?" "I'm bleeding out and I think I nicked an artery." Have I got your attention yet? No? Perhaps you're what I like to call a selective listener. If you're not one, perhaps you know one of these... Continue Reading →


No. Not me. I'm not going to be the one to overshare anything. What I'm discussing here is the incessant need of people to share anything and everything on the internet. I am quite sure this has been discussed to death at this point and maybe you'll find my assessment of the situation boring or... Continue Reading →

The New Annoying

I have been regaling you dear readers now for some time with various and sundry annoying office habits. It's been truly funny and engaging being able to divulge my own personal set of beliefs regarding each of these annoying habits and I hope you have enjoyed reading them just as much. That being said, I... Continue Reading →

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