Quit laughing, you’re not that funny…

obama-laughingI get it, we all think we’re witty and humorous. We laugh heartily at our own jokes. We grin at the witticisms we espouse. We pat ourselves on our backs for those jokes that everyone gets a chuckle out of. But sometimes we laugh heartily. I mean really really loudly at something. All acceptable isms and part of the human condition. Additionally, laughter is like medicine. It’s great for you!

Until it’s not. Until your laughter becomes so obnoxious that it’s driving your fellow coworkers to the brink of insanity. Now let’s take those people who have that laughing disorder out of this equation. (No I hadn’t heard of it either until I saw that commercial with Danny Glover – that guy from those Lethal Weapon movies)

Moving right along…you are the laugh-er.  No one has made any joke or finds anything funny, you’re not reading a joke book but you can’t stop laughing. Everything is funny to you. What’s worse, your laugh is loud. It’s also distracting. You also laugh when someone is trying to get work done.You are the annoying office worker with the annoying office habit. Whatever it is that has tickled your funny bone isn’t tickling that of the people who are forced to listen to your incessant cackling on a daily basis.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s brainstorm some ways to deal with this. I’m going to need some help from you, readers. The first thing that could work is a passive aggressive note. It could read something like this:

“During the hours of 9am-12pm this office has been designated a quiet zone. Please keep talking, singing, laughing, joking, etc to a minimum. This will greatly aid all of our coworkers in getting our work done.  Thank you for your cooperation!”

Post a copy near the restrooms and the break rooms. At best this will provide an easy solution to the problem and at worst this will cause the employees to form cliques in order to figure out who posted the note and start turning against one another until the office environment devolves into a gang land microcosm.

Now, dear reader, give it to me…what would you do? I welcome your comments and feedback!

– Becca

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