Halter 6 Piece Mesh Office Desk Set – How organized can it make you

  • halter-desk-organizer
    Halter 6 piece Office Desk Organizer

    5 Piece Office Desk Set

  • Includes: 4 Tier File Tray / Folder Holder / Pencil Cup / Business Card Holder / Memo Holder / Letter Holder
  • Can be used on top of your desk, inside a drawer, or on a shelf
  • Made with stylish steel mesh. An excellent finish to complement any decor
  • Perfect for any professional office environment or your home office
    Price: $69.99
    Sale: $29.99 & FREE Shipping
    You Save: $40.00 (57%)

Taking a break from giving you another annoying office habit and I’m going to use this post to review of one of the products I have recommended. Don’t worry I will go back to your regularly scheduled program poste-haste. The thing is, I use affiliate programs to make a living so even though we all want to think that everyone is altruistic enough to be above referring products. Well I guess I’m not but if I’m going to recommend it, I better have either used it or read the reviews myself.

halter-desk-organizerOk so I haven’t used it.  I did however scour the internet for all of the reviews I could find and I’m, here to tell you folks that this office organizer looks pretty darn decent.I only found a few negative reviews but most of them gave a glowing account of how the mesh organizer was exactly as advertised.

See, the thing is, I don’t want to promote crap here on annoying office habits (unless it’s part of an actual annoying habit) so I want to ensure that whatever I send my dear readers to is something they can really use. So, if you’re in the market for an office desk set, I highly recommend you take a look at this Halter Desk Organizer to keep your stuff organized.

Because if you’re going to be in an office surrounded by annoying coworkers….at least you’ll be organized while doing it!

– Becca


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