Commentary, Comments,Commentating, Commensurate…

The-C-Word.pngYeah yeah you get the picture…I’m not just stacking up “C” words for the heck of it. I’m doing it so you take notice. Have you taken notice yet?? Most importantly I’ve penned this here post because I need your comments my friends. I can promise you I have plenty more annoying office habits to tell you about and to help you solve trust me but today I’m looking to you.

*special note: YES I KNOW the word Commensurate has nothing to do with commenting on anything so if you’re about to correct me…well you can try but I already know. So there!*

Use the comment section below to tell me what horrible, annoying, disgusting, bothersome, heinous or abhorrent annoying habit you have encountered. No matter how poor the behavior, how improper the etiquette or how gross the offense, I can take it! I am an avid Howard Stern listener people so I am ready for it.

If your comment hits me in the feels be prepared for an upcoming blog entry where I will most definitely give you a shout out for making me aware of your most annoying office habit! So let’s hear it readers, post your comments below!

– Becca

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