Dearest reader I need your help!

You guys know that I work hard not only to keep you entertained but also to provide you with tales from the workplace. Entice you with stories from the cubes and generally make you laugh your butt off. I sincerely hope that you’re enjoying the blog and the type of humor I strive to achieve. My goal has always been to get a chuckle out of whomever stumbles across my blog. 

That is why I’ve posted a picture of a cat on a computer. To stress how serious I am right now. If a typing cat doesn’t convey that sentiment well then I don’t know what will.

Bearing that in mind I have decided to open up a direct dialog and solicit input from you. Here’s what I propose:

I want to hear your story. I want to hear your real life annoying office habit as told by you. If you’re getting anything from my blog I am asking you to share your experience with me. I have plenty more in my repertoire to tell you about my own experiences but this is your chance to be an active part of the blog. And if you want, to be featured, nay, immortalized, within these hallowed pages as a guest poster!

Yeah that’s a little overboard. Nothing hallowed going on here.

So go forth and put pen to paper (as it were) and get those stories in to me. You can comment below or send me an email:

Remember.  No story is too weird. No story is too gross. No story is too dysfunctional for this blog. Get to writing!!

– Becca

Ps – stay tuned for my next post topic on nail clipping!

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