Clip. Snip. Trim. Groom. Gag.

clipping-fingernailsWhoever decided it was a good idea to clip your nails whilst sitting in your office cubicle is absolutely gross. I am sorry but there is no excuse for this behavior whatsoever. I am not even sure I would deign to call it an annoying office habit because it falls under the auspices of something much more abhorrent than a simple annoyance. It is actually making my stomach churn to think about it as I write.

I am aware not everyone has the same germaphobic (I just made that word up) tendencies that I have but I’m hoping we can all agree that this habit is just disgusting. There are also levels of disgust associated with this habit so let’s begin there.

Let me start with fingernail clipping. It’s something most normal people do as an afterthought at home. Probably in your bathroom. Perhaps after a shower. For us women, many of us get manicures which alleviates the need to clip our nails at home. I can’t speak to all of the habits of men in regards to fingernail clipping but from what I gather, it’s a benign necessity done in the privacy of their own home.

So why in the world do I have to walk by my co workers cube and see their fingers splayed out on top of their desk, slowly clipping away at their nails? What’s worse is that as you stop by to inquire about an impending work project or deadline, they make no effort whatsoever to look up from their task at hand (pun intended). They just carry on with their clipping while you’re standing there talking to them as if you didn’t even exist. If you’re like me you start to think about where their hands have been. What did they touch last? When was the last time they washed their hands? Were they licking their fingers just a few moments ago? I really have no idea and to be perfectly honest I don’t want to know. I just want you to stop clipping your dirty nails while I’m standing there. Please make it stop!

barefoot-in-the-officeIt gets worse you guys. I know you can’t believe that it does but…it does. I wish this didn’t happen. I truly wish I did not have this information in my repertoire to blog about because it triggers my gag reflex but here goes. Have you ever had a co worker clip their toenails at the office? Why, dear god, WHY? What about the obvious issue of taking your shoes and socks off at work?  Have you no shame people? How is this ok anywhere in any office environment? I don’t care how well pedicured your feet are. I don’t care what sort of pumice stone you use to smooth your heels. I don’t care how much smelly soap you use to keep those things clean. I just don’t care.

No one should be barefoot at work. Yes I mean even in the summer. So that begs the question of how anyone thinks its appropriate to remove their footwear in its entirely, elevate their feet and clip their nails. It’s not. Feet, especially gnarly toenails, are not attractive. Sure some people have foot fetishes. I get that. Some people take great care of their feet so they’re not ugly or what have you. But generally feet are unattractive. So if you’re the one clipping your toenails please bear in mind that no one wants to see your bare feet.

If someone is clipping their fingernails at their cubicle you’ve got to raise the issue to someone. Actually you might as well just tell them it’s bothering you. Just try to be kind when you tell them about it. Try not to make that disgusted face you probably have as you’re reading this blog entry. Attempt not to gag or make fake vomit noises. You do have to work with this person after all.

If someone is clipping their toe nails: Get right the hell to the HR department, your boss, or anyone who can affect a change to this behavior – and fast. It’s horrendous and who knows what type of germs their feet are spreading around the office. I am sorry (not really) if they get canned for their actions but put a freaking pair of shoes on. There shall be no exceptions to this rule. I say it so it must be true! Keep them on. Until you get home. Then feel free to take them off to your hearts content.

Off to shower and put some shoes on…

– Becca

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