French Press Review

coffe-beans.jpegIt burns!!!!  Hot coffee that is. Remember my coffee post? Well it doesn’t always burn but sometimes you may feel like you’ve been burned if you don’t get your coffee fix.  For example just this morning I went to my local coffee shop which I LOOOOVE and they were out of decaf coffee.  Now before you say anything, caffeine makes me shaky and loopy so I avoid it. However I do love the taste, smell and whole coffee experience so even though I avoid caffeine I am still allowed to indulge. If you really need the extra boost why not just grab some caffeine pills here.  I also drink my coffee with heavy cream.  Don’t judge me!

If you guys remember my post about coffee, you’ll know I talked about a French Press. Click here to see the one I like best and one of the highest rated presses around. Yeah I maybe gave the French Press user in my blog post a tiny bit of shit for using one but that’s only because it seems way over the top in an office environment. For home though…mmmmm it is really awesome.

So let’s discuss the French Press and it’s merits. Why are French Presses so hot and in demand right now? Let’s look at the Wiki definition of the French Press so you can get yourself acquainted with what it is.  Check it out here.

But what makes coffee from a French press supposedly so much better than it’s coffee maker counterparts? Well I’ve been doing some research on that and as it turns out it’s really more of a matter of opinion. Some people say there is bitter flavor added by the coffee filter of drip coffee makers that turns the coffee harsh and acidic. Some say that a French Press maintains more of the coffee’s natural flavors and oils. Still others say that since you can adjust the brew strength of the coffee, it gives you more autonomy over your own personal cup of coffee.

french-press.jpgThat being said people… I have tried drip, French press and also those Keurig machines. I have come to the very personal coffee conclusion that I do happen to enjoy the French press over the other brewing methods. You know why? It’s because of the pressing down on the plunger. It’s so darn satisfying to push the grounds down through the press and watch your coffee strain. So no I’m not going to give you my scientific opinion on the merits of the French Press. It’s purely based on my need to watch coffee brew. Not to be confused with watching paint dry. Now here’s another very highly ranked French Press and it’s beautiful too!

Go drink some coffee and while you’re doing it, COMMENT below and tell me what your favorite way to drink coffee is.

– Becca

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