Please go to the Dentist. Now.

Bad TeethListen I know that going for a check up can be gut wrenching. I know that it might be scary and you’ve been avoiding it for years. Perhaps you were traumatized by the dentist as a small child. But none of that is a legitimate excuse for not taking your butt to the dentist and getting that shit fixed. Sorry for cussing but if you work in an office you probably have dental insurance. Which means you can at least go to a checkup and see what’s going on with your chompers. In the meantime you can also buy this at home dental care set to start with some much needed home care.

I’m writing about this particular issue because I have worked in an environment where it seemed as though dental hygiene was last on many people’s list of things they cared about. I truly don’t understand this. It was so bad that there were times when I simply could not focus on the words coming out of my co worker’s mouths because it was all I could do not to focus on what was going on in their mouth.

Let me give you some examples of what I’m talking about because this is clearly more that just an annoying habit. It goes beyond an annoyance. It’s actually a deterrent from successfully completing any work that I have to do with this co worker.

  1. If your gums are actively bleeding you should go to the dentist, not the office.
  2. If you have loose teeth that are about to fall out and I can see them wiggling when you talk, please go home. Now.
  3. If your teeth are rotten (I mean like broken and brown and cracked) you should seek out help. Maybe put down the meth…
  4. If you have no teeth whatsoever, get yourself to a dentist.

Tuxedo Charcoal ToothpasteMy point is, there is a modern and probably relatively simple fix for your dental issues. I know you’re afraid of the cost. That’s normal. But the thing is most of these dentists have payment plans now. Some are so low that if you cut out your coffee for a week or two you can afford it. Probably better for you not to be drinking coffee anyway with all of the issues happening in your mouth at the moment. Check out this charcoal toothpaste. It’s all the rage and supposed to get your teeth super white.

I’m no dentist nor have I ever claimed to be but I can tell you that you’re definitely annoying your co workers with your gnarled up teeth. Trust me on this no one is going to come out and tell you that you look like Ted Kaczynski’s long lost wilderness son so let me be the one to inform you. Your teeth are gross and no one can work with you while they’re in active distress so get them repaired. Please.

– Becca

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