Top 5 Most Annoying Office Habits

To date, ladies and gentleman, I have written quite a few posts about your average run of the mill annoying office habits and also some of the more obscure obnoxious behaviors that you might encounter within the confines of your office walls(among other places). But today I bring you a list of the top 5 most annoying behaviors that I have written about thus far. I apologize in advance because there has been no scientific method used to calculate the level of annoyance that these behaviors represent. I am simply using my own personal sentiments as a metric by which to convey those behaviors that I find most abhorrent, disgusting or annoying. Let us begin with number 5 being the least offensive and 1 causing me to feel as though I never want to set foot in an office ever again.

This is tough because I had to scour the existing list of things I happen to find MOST annoying and subsequently come up with the LEAST disturbing things…see the dichotomy here??

dog-high-five5.   This was actually an easy one for me and it’s clearly Doggy High Five. For an animal lover this is a no-brainer. I don’t care why you bring your dog into work. I love dogs. I can say with much certainty that if there is a dog in the office I will be avoiding work the entire day in order to spend as much time as humanly possible with said dog. Whether it be finding a reason to take the dog for a walk or get it some water. Yes I would be the person that annoys everyone by neglecting everything but the dog. #sorrynotsorry

coffee-beans4. Next up on the list of office habits that isn’t particularly annoying to me would be Coffee, Cafe, Cappuccino – I’m a snob, what’s your excuse? No particular reason for this other than I don’t drink much coffee so it just wouldn’t affect me all that much. Probably because no one is judging me on the type of coffee I drink…or lack thereof.

barefoot-in-the-office3. Now we’re starting to get to the office peccadilloes that really start to get under my skin. Coming in next is Clip. Snip. Trim. Groom. Gag. If you haven’t read this, go for it. People are gross. That is all.

Bad Teeth2. Getting closer now. On the list of most annoying office habits to me is number two on the list: Please go to the Dentist. Now.  I still don’t understand even with all of the ways a person can now visit a dental professional, they still choose not to address their vile dental issues.

squatty-potty1. Are you ready? Because here is the annoying office habit I’ve written about that is the absolute biggest offense to me in an office environment. *drum-roll please* Do you need to use the potty? If you guys haven’t figured this out yet, I’m a huge germaphobe and anything that has to do with restroom cleanlines is a hugered flag for me.

So there you have it folks, my list of the top 5 most annoying office habits. Please add your own in the comments. Looking forward to hearing them!

– Becca

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