The New Annoying

23ebd319331b631bde33d192ef2233faI have been regaling you dear readers now for some time with various and sundry annoying office habits. It’s been truly funny and engaging being able to divulge my own personal set of beliefs regarding each of these annoying habits and I hope you have enjoyed reading them just as much.

That being said, I have decided to branch out. I am going to begin documenting and writing about other annoying habits, not solely the ones we find in an office environment. I am doing this because the level of annoying habits has risen to such an extent that I feel I would be remiss if I didn’t share them with you.

With that in mind, welcome to the new and expanded “Annoying Office Habits”. Henceforth this site will be known as…ok the name isn’t changing but the layout is going to change a little bit. I will begin by creating some categories for different types of annoyances and the locations where you may encounter these. Than following that I will expand the blog by giving accounts of the annoying habits that I and others have encountered.

youre-annoyinh.jpegThis is meant to expand upon the annoying office habits I know you are already dealing with. Have no fear avid reader for you will not be disappointed but enhanced by these upcoming changes. Please stay tuned for a revised but easy to navigate blog. In the meantime, go ahead and re-read or read for the first time…some of the annoyances I have already shared with you! 

As always if you have an annoying habit that you are either the victim or perpetrator of, please feel free to comment!

– Becca

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