What did you want to order?

takes-forever-to-order.jpgLet me preface this by admitting I am completely guilty of the annoying habit I am about to discuss in this post. I know you’ll be surprised to learn I am in fact one of the annoyers in this case but it’s true. I am culpable. I want to own this because I know how much the people in line behind me or the other patrons waiting for their server hate this particular annoying habit.

Which leads me to the meat of this subject. Yes I said meat because the annoying habit I’m referring to here is the inability of some people to place an expeditious order in a dining establishment. In other words, you experience some sort of brain fart when confronted with having to place an actual food order. If you are a decisive food-order-placer then you will know exactly of what I speak. So I’m going to apologize in advance for this behavior.

Let me give you some examples of how this may play out.  You’re in line at your fast food restaurant of choice. Let’s say its Chipotle. Yes I know I’m at risk of contracting a raging case of E Coli but I digress.  Now mind you I have been to said restaurant on multiple occasions so you would think I would have a solid grasp on the menu. After all, there aren’t that many options and the menu changes are few and far between.  Alas, not so. You see, I seem to suffer from the inability to settle on one item. Meanwhile, the folks in line behind me are getting noticeably frustrated.  I can hear the shuffling feet, the under the  breath grumbling and the general sense of exasperation is palpable.  But the pressure makes it worse. I have probably seen this menu at least fifty times. You would think I have it memorized.  Like any normal person would. I don’t. I have a terrible memory. I call it momnesia. And I can’t make a decision to save my life when it comes to food. I think the underlying reason is that I don’t want to be disappointed. And I’m picky so I’ve often been disappointed.

what-do-you-want.jpegAlright here’s another scenario. You’re in a sit down restaurant that employs actual servers. It’s busy but you’re a patient person. You see your server running around trying to get to all of his/her tables and you know eventually they’ll get to you once they’ve gotten everything in order. You see the couple that sat down before you and you know they’re going to get service first. Initially you’re fine with this knowledge. Because you know they were here first. You see the ordering taking place and anticipate being attended to. You have your order memorized. You are ready. After a few minutes you look up to see your server is still attending to the other patrons. The same table. What’s going on?  You listen in. They cannot make a decision on whether the want the beef or the chicken. Do they want it with sauce or plain? Which sauce do they want? Do they prefer broccoli or a salad? Are there nuts in the salad? Is the broccoli fresh? Meanwhile you’re getting hangry (hungry + angry) and you’re on the verge of lunging over your own table and ordering for them.

The thing is, I’m not generally an indecisive person. Rather, I’m a take charge person in most of the other aspects of my life. Restaurants have me stymied. I’m sorry to all of those people who have been stuck behind me in line or waiting for their server at a restaurant while I take an inordinate of time deciding on what I want to order. There’s no way to determine in advance who is going to be the indecisive orderer so I don’t have a single shred of advice for you, reader, on how to avoid me at a restaurant.

Lucky for you, you’ve seen a picture of me in my About Becca section so if you see me at a dining establishment…feel free to get in front of me. Or leave.

– Becca

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