overshare.jpegNo. Not me. I’m not going to be the one to overshare anything. What I’m discussing here is the incessant need of people to share anything and everything on the internet. I am quite sure this has been discussed to death at this point and maybe you’ll find my assessment of the situation boring or late to the game but that’s not what’s important here. What’s important is that I’m just another voice joining in the chorus to share my thoughts about the ever-present overshare.


Now there are many, many platforms by which people can go about sharing their lives. Some examples include Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and twitter just to name the most popular ones. I think instead of outright trying to explain what an overshare is, I’m going to go straight to the source and just quote some directly.

Wait I take that back. The one I tend to find the most annoying is when people share where they are traveling to. On Facebook for example you’ll see a little picture of a plane flying over a map with something that says “John is traveling to Las Vegas”. Now maybe it’s just me. Perhaps I have a devious mind (I do). But the first thing that comes to mind for me is if I were a robber, I would be hitting up John’s house to steal a bunch of stuff. Someone chime in here – is it just me?? Why would anyone tell the world that they’re leaving on vacation. It’s an open invitation. Hey, my house is empty. Either rob it or go squat there. What’s your pleasure?

anotherovershare.jpegOr how about this? Sharing of your food. I know that the food pictures and the incessant recipes in my feed are overwhelming but what I’m talking about are those people who post what they’re in the process of eating RIGHT NOW. For example I have seen people post things like, “Hey I’m eating a pb&j right now” or “Best taco ever”. Who cares? I don’t know maybe I’m jaded. Am I supposed to care? Do you care? This seems like such a trivial thing. We are humans. We all ingest food. It’s just difficult for me to imagine anyone really cares what you’re putting into your mouth. (probably some exceptions here but you know what I mean).

Let’s move to the one I know some of you will hate the most. Relationship overshare. It’s either the happiest people in the world trying to punch you in the face with their relationship bliss or it’s the most depressed semi-suicidal people expressing their deepest regrets at being single. Tackling the happiest people in the world first. You’re NOT that happy. If you were you would be just as content to keep it to yourself. The fact that you have to broadcast how amazing your relationship is to the entire world of social media says you’re compensating for something. Perhaps it’s low self-esteem. Maybe you need constant affirmation that you really do have some stellar pairing. Probably just go to therapy and work on yourself for a while. As for the major downers. You’re single because you’re depressed and lonely. You’re single because no one wants to date someone who constantly posts about how sad they are to be single. I get it. It can be lonely to be single. But you’re bringing us down. Go focus on yourself. Learn to love your life. Learn to make it fun, fabulous and fulfilling all by yourself and guess what….someone will see how awesomely happy you are and you’ll probably attract a relationship.

jacob-overshareI would be remiss if I didn’t insert just a tiny blob about the kid/family overshare. I am not a cold-hearted woman. I have kids and I know how cute I think they are. Did you guys see what I did there? I said I think they’re cute. I think they’re awesome and smart etc… But you don’t have to and the more you share about how amazing your children are the less people are probably going to think said kids are actually amazing. Now I’m not saying never share something about your kids. Be proud. It’s normal. But for the love – tone it down. I don’t need a daily update that your kid learned to say the letter t or something. Keep it simple.

I was supposed to share annoying quotes/posts and then say something about how annoying they were but instead I went on a tangent about what I find most annoying. What about you? ListenĀ readers if you’re taking the time to read this you’re either nodding in agreement or thinking about how utterly wrong I must be. So let it out, write a comment. Tell me what you’re thinking. Inquiring minds want to know.

– Becca

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