I can *see* you’re enjoying your food

mouth-open-with-food.jpegMy kids can attest to the fact that I am pretty much a manners nazi. The poor kids can’t get through a meal without me correcting something about the way they’re holding their silverware or perhaps having their napkins on their lap. But they know that my absolute biggest annoying manners pet peeve is chewing with their mouth open.

Have you ever been in a restaurant and you happen to glance a table near you and you see one of the diners eating with their mouth completely open? You can see exactly what they’re chewing and you know what they ordered because their mouth is wide open. This to me seems like the most basic of manners that most of us should have learned as children.

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So why is this such a tough concept to grasp? Let me ask you a question. When you look at the person you’re enjoying a casual lunch with and you can see all of the food they’re enthusiastically masticating do you think to yourself, wow that food looks delicious? Do you think oh now I know exactly what I’ll be ordering? Or do you think to yourself, yeah that’s gross? Because it is disgusting.

open-mouthThe only thing that tops simply chewing with your mouth open is actually attempting to speak with food in your mouth. So now not just do you get to see what someone else is in the process of ingesting. You also run the risk of having the half consumed food spit into your face.

Now herein lies the dilemma. You can’t say anything to some stranger at a restaurant. If you do, you run the risk of getting berated in return or even worse maybe beat up. It’s even difficult to say something to a friend. They could be offended by your astute observation. You don’t want to risk ruining a friendship over your hangup either. So just avert your eyes. There is literally nothing you can do. It’s not your job to teach friends or strangers how to eat appropriately. It is however your job to school your kids on how not to be gross at the table to o free to admonish them!

– Becca


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