Top 10 bad driving habits

bad drivingNot only is improper driving an annoying habit it’s a dangerous one that can result in accidents, injuries and yes even death. All of which I’m sure you would all prefer to avoid if possible.That totally sounds like the beginning of a Driver’s Ed video doesn’t it???  Gah I think I sound like an *adult*.   Anyway I’m going to put together a list of the top 10 most annoying and dangerous driving peccadilloes that I’m aware of. I’m sure there are others but I find these ones particularly bothersome.

Turning without using the blinker:
Have you ever been to Boston? Or pretty much anywhere in New England? Well I live here and this seems to be a thing up here. I notice no one ever uses blinker. I think they feel as though there’s no real point and that everyone will just adjust when you’re ready to make a turn. No, this is not the case. It’s freaking scary. I’m going about my business driving and I have no idea when you’re going to turn. Then you do. Abruptly.  That’s not scary at all.  No…

Leaving your blinker on but never turning:
Do you ever wonder where the term “white-knuckling” it came from? Now you know. It’s from this. It’s because you don’t know if they’re actually going to turn or not. It’s the reason someone is behind you and beeping at you wondering why you’re not pulling out into the street. It’s because someone is coming at you and has their blinker on. They are threatening to turn…but will they It’s a mystery!

Cutting in front of someone on purpose:
I have done this by accident. I admit it. I am guilty. But I always apologize with a little wave and that look that says…I’m wicked sorry! But the people who are in some sort of rush to go somewhere and just pull out…because they don’t care…wtf is wrong with them? Karma dude. That’s going to come back and bite you in the ass.

Not letting anyone merge into the line of traffic ahead of you:
For the love of god we all have somewhere to go. Please do me a solid and let me in the line. No one is going to go any slower or faster by letting me in the line in front of you. Just slow your roll and let me in.

honking.jpegSwerving all over the road because you’re distracted (not intoxicated):
I know you’ve got some text to read, FB to check, email to read or video to watch…while you’re driving. I’m sure your kids are screaming in the back and you’re busy disciplining them. Maybe your dog is attempting to jump out the window while you’re driving. All valid excuses people. You’re just annoying the hell out of me while I try to determine which lane you’re going to drive in.

Driving around with no brake lights then slamming on your brakes:
O M G. I don’t even know what to say about this. Every time you stop in front of me and I have no warning since you have no brake lights, I run the risk of dying. Yes. Dying.

Taking up two lanes of traffic because you don’t know which side of the road your turn is on:
I know. You’re lost. Or old. Or young. I get it. I’m still highly annoyed by your lack of ability to stay in a freaking lane.

Driving really really slow in any lane:
Do you know what’s more annoying than being stuck behind someone driving a good 20 miles under the speed limit? Nothing. Yeah nothing is more annoying that waiting for them to speed up and they never do. The worst is when there is only one lane, you’re stuck behind this person and you’re in a rush. Because you’re not going anywhere fast. If you beep, be aware they will slow down even more so you’re better off suffering in silence.

Super loud music at the stop light:
No one wants to hear your loud music blaring out from your crappy speakers. No matter how good you think your tunes are trust me there is someone else who can’t stand what you’re playing. Rule of thumb  – you should be able to talk in a normal tone of voice when driving. If you’re screaming at each other your music is too loud.

You’re welcome everyone. I know there are things that annoy you guys when you’re driving so speak up and post a comment here. I want to hear your stories too!

– Becca

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