About Becca

Hello readers and welcome to my page.  Thanks for visiting. I created this site because if you have ever worked in an office environment you may have faced some of the issues I address on these pages.

How do I know?

I know because I worked in offices for many years. I worked with plenty of wonderful people over the years and have some great experiences that I will always remember.

That being said I also endured plenty of office annoyances throughout my tenure as office worker.

Now there are plenty of places to search out what type of behavior is considered annoying to others and there are also plenty of places to find out if you are the one committing the annoying offense.

Additionally, there are web sites out there that tell you how to deal with said behavior and what some options are to addess the co worker who is committing the offense.

So Why Here?

Why indeed!  I want you to consider this site a repository for all things pertaining to office etiquette. I will address any situation you have been exposed to and even those you may have yet to encounter.  I am here to aid you in the process of confronting the offender if that’s what you choose and alleviating the offense.

I’m so glad you have found me. Let’s work together to make everyone’s office environment an annoyance free zone!

– Becca

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